Garage Drain

Sometimes a driveway is pitched back toward a garage and surface water can enter an flood your garage. A Garage Drain can be the solution to the problem. A contractor can install a garage drain across the front of your garage so that when surface water comes towards the garage it will flow into the garage drain and be directed to a sump pump or a gravity drain to lower land than the garage trench.

Average cost to install this type of system is usually around $100.00 - $125.00 per linear foot plus the cost of a leaf eater sump pump and sump liner. It is important that you use a leaf eater or grinder pump because these type of surface garage drains will invite leaves and other debris into them and these grinder pump will not get clogged.

If you have a construction background you can buy Garage Drain and fittings and do the job yourself. However it is important that you place at least a 4-6" base of concrete below the Garage Drain in order to support vehicle traffic riding over it.
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