Window Well Leaks

Window Well Leaks Can Be Stopped

Once the window is sealed where will the water go? Make sure the ground slopes away from your foundation and if you have windows that are below ground level make sure to install a window well. Window wells come with solid covers to keep water from entering in them from above, however a window well can fill up and back up water into to the basement through a basement window.

Some times a window well leak is hard to find because the water is on the floor and will dry up quickly on the wall. Look at the basement window panes for signs of a water line. If such a line can be seen more than likely your water leak is coming through that basement opening.   

In finished basements, a window well leak can cause water to get under the sub floor and cause an ideal condition for mold to thrive. Make sure to remove all sheet rock and other organic materials that gets wet from the window well leak. (Mold will start to grow within 24 hours) Dry out all building materials quickly using shop vacs , fans and dehumidifiers.

Egress Windows are becoming more popular especially since they became part of building codes to provide emergency exit from a basement. Egress windows must be installed properly and be tied into a sub floor drainage system to provide protection from a window well leak. Some times a 4" pvc pipe can be installed to drain the water from the window well to lower land away from the foundation.

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